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Trade Name Shinohara Electric Co.,Ltd.
Representative Motoichiro Shinohara
Address of Head office 6-3 Matsugae,Kita,Osaka,Osaka 530-0037,Japan
Date of Foundation Aug.21,1961
Date of Establishment Oct.18,1967
Stated Capital JPY 38,000,000
Annual Revenue 92.0 Million US$(Sept.2013)
Number of Directors&Employees Directors : 7persons
Auditor : 1 person
Employee : 135 persons
Business Field 【Products for Electrical Distribution Panel Boards/Control Panel Boards】
High Voltage and Low Voltage Distribution Products and Cabinets
Electrical and Mechanical Components and Equipment for Distribution, Control and Operation Boards
Distribution/Wiring materials, Terminals, Connectors
【Products and Equipment for Electric Facilities】
Materials for Electrical Facility/Temporary Facility and Security Products
【Products for Railway Industry and Traffic Signal Industry】
Products for Traffic Signal Industry and Security Products
Products for Railway Signal Industry and Security Products
Products for Railway Cars
【LAN related Products】
Panels, Rack, Boxes, for Communication
LAN cables and connectors
【LED Lighting】
【Gas Detection Equipment】
【Water/Sewage Treatment System】
【Special Ordering Products】
Molding Products, Pressed Products, Copper Band Processing and Wire-harness
Authorization of Construction Industry Electrical contractor certified by the Governor of Osaka
Electromechanical equipment installation work permissionBy the Government
Members of Association Japan Electric Association
Japan Switchboard & Control System Industrial Association
Japan Electric Power Cable Accessary AssociationOsaka Electrical Insulating Material Association